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How To Get The Most Out Of Web Summit

According to Forbes, it's "the best tech conference in the world". How did Ultimate.ai become one of the most in-demand companies there? Read from Sarah Al-Hussaini how Web Summit is an amazing way to connect.

In the words of Forbes, it’s ‘the best technology conference on the planet’. It’s certainly big enough.

70,000 people. 3 pavilions. 1 giant arena. Attendees included high-ranking execs from Apple, Google, Amazon and the founder of Medium. Speakers ranged from politicians to sports superstars.

And ultimate.ai, of course.

Our team were across the event, with COO Sarah Al-Hussaini in demand everywhere from the cavernous Altice Arena to the influential Growth Summit panel. Reflecting on the Web Summit experience, one fact shone through:

Uxltimate.ai was one of the most in-demand AI companies at Web Summit.

Discussing this over a cup of coffee in our Berlin offices, I asked Sarah why she felt that ultimate.ai has found itself in such a privileged position.

Sarah: Customer service is such an unglamorous role, and the problems are the same everywhere. You just mention customer service, and everyone immediately understands how difficult it is to tackle at scale.

That was a great thing about being at Web Summit. It was interesting to meet so many customers and hear them respond so universally about this difficulty.

One of our greatest strengths, that a lot of people at the Summit recognized, is that ultimate.ai is completely language agnostic. Our technologies allow us to deploy in any language, incredibly quickly. This lets businesses create a consistent Customer Experience across all the different territories that they operate in.

Web Summit @ the Altice Arena, Lisbon (image: Web Summit)

Another commonly-heard question was: how does ultimate.ai manage the sensitive information of clients’ customers?

Sarah: It’s a big issue and one that we take extremely seriously. From the beginning, we’ve dealt with some of the largest telcos, banks and insurance players in the Nordics.

We use a combination of private cloud deployments and data sanitization. We already do this data sanitization automatically for Zalando, for example. For one of Europe’s largest telcos, we deployed entirely on-premise at their secure data centers. No customer information ever leaves that building.

ultimate.ai solutions are driven by the need of the client, and we have the technology and adaptability to deploy quickly, securely, and at scale, no matter what the industry.

How did ultimate.ai end up in this unique position?

Sarah: We are so young as a company, relatively speaking. One of the questions I got asked on the Growth Summit panel was: look back at your seed-stage self, just after you raised — what advice would you give to yourself?

We’ve only just raised seed, yet we’re experiencing massive growth. We were invited to speak on the central stage and Reetu (Kainulainen, CEO, ultimate.ai) was totally inundated with meeting requests.

We’re growing so quickly because we have a really strong, very scalable product. In leadership, you never want to stop to celebrate success for too long, because that’s the death of ambition… but we do have a really great team that deliver our product. Don’t tell everyone I don’t like to celebrate by the way — I just want to keep pushing us to be better!

Sarah backstage at Growth Summit (image: Web Summit)

Word-of-mouth goes a long way… but it works both ways.

Sarah: We have great investors and very strong partnerships with people like SAP and Microsoft. People have heard of us through word-of-mouth, and that’s why it’s so important that the product is so strong.

Reputations travel fast when recommendations come via word-of-mouth. We have our evangelists like Connor Murphy who are fantastically supportive, and these closed-door conversations have helped to drive us at the pace we’re at now.

That’s another reason why we got so much out of Web Summit. We had conversations with everyone, from asset managers to e-commerce players to insurance multinationals. They’d all heard good things, and they all had the same issues to address.

* * *

What’s the next step?

According to Forrester, customer service teams have to grow 5–10% year-on-year to keep pace with demand. Omnichannel diversity (Text, Chat, Social) is increasing the volume of inquiries exponentially.

ultimate.ai is a customer service automation platform. We use deep learning to transform how people work in customer service. Solutions like ours are driving the wave in intelligent CRMs.

Customer service is undergoing a transformation, from cost base to competitive advantage. This is just the beginning.

To see our pitch on Web Summit’s Center Stage, watch the video below.

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