Meet SuperAgent and Botman gives customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses

March 12, 2018

‍Every story needs a superhero (or two) and here are ours: meet SuperAgent & Botman.

A land in crisis

Businesses are under attack. An onslaught of ever-repeating questions — ‘when’s my bill due?’, ‘where’s my parcel?’, ‘what’s my password?’ — has left their customer service teams overloaded. Worse yet: demands are rising. 73% of customers want service to be more convenient; 61% faster (Accenture, 2017).

So, what are businesses to do?

They can’t hire enough! But adding staff is slow, inflexible and expensive; impossible to scale.

Technology offers an attractive alternative, but again here solutions have been split between self-service tools (can only go so far) and full-automation chatbots, requiring large onboarding projects, continued maintenance and lacking in human-level conversational intelligence and empathy.

With the costs of poor customer service rising (a punishing $1.6 trillion lost to enterprises in the US in 2017), businesses need a solution. Fast. And that’s where our little guys come in…

Calling out for a hero

For us, it’s never going to be Man vs. Machine. Our SuperAgent and Botman combine strengths and work together. The results: world-class customer service.

So who are SuperAgent and Botman?

‍’s Suggestion Engine in action

SuperAgents are the future of customer service.

They are human agents, with AI-powered workflows. SuperAgents respond 25% faster and infinitely more consistently, empowered by reply suggestions which our AI provides to them in real-time.

Better yet, by using the AI, SuperAgents train it to be better. And like a good sidekick, it learns fast…

‍Botman is SuperAgent’s sidekick. He never sleeps and speaks 60+ languages.

Which is where Botman comes in!

Botman is our Automation Engine. Ultimately, as our customer service AI learns from agent behaviours, it begins to automate the most repetitive inquiries, freeing agents to focus on the more complex cases.

At peak times, Botman has been proven to reduce the number of incoming questions by >80%.


SuperAgent and Botman have been hard at work. Together, they AI power the customer service of over 25 enterprises across a multitude of sectors, from Telcos to airlines, insurance companies, eCommerce and Logistics. On top of that, our heroes are supercharging some of the world’s largest Contact Center solutions, including exclusively AI powering the SAP Engagement Center.

They’ve trained and proven themselves and we’re ready to release them to the world. So hi, and bye, for now. SuperAgent and Botman will see you around!



At, we give customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses.

Our Suggestion Engine, trained on historical chat data, works in partnership with agents, providing real-time reply suggestions. Our AI learns from agent behaviours, increasing its accuracy through use. Ultimately, the most common questions will be fully automated, freeing agents to focus on the more complex cases.

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