Customer Story: Delivery & Logistics gives customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses

March 5, 2018


Company name

Posti Group (Finnish Postal Service)


Delivery & Logistics

Contact center solution

SAP Contact Center

The pitch

Since founding 400 years ago, Finland’s national postal service (Posti) has undergone massive expansion. Today, Posti has operations spanning postal, logistics and eCommerce services, employing c.22,000 people across 10 countries.

Posti is committed to being ‘the smartest and most customer-focused’ service in the market. As part of this effort, they employ a few hundred customer service agents who act as the front-lines in improving customer experience. However, as the business continued to grow, and expectations on customer service rose, Posti began to seek innovative solutions to help manage the workflow.

That’s where came in. met Posti in the run-up to Christmas; the busiest time of year in delivery and logistics. They needed a solution which 1) empowered their workforce; 2) automated repetitive tasks; and 3) improved their service quality and consistency — all deployed in time for the holiday season!


Automation Engine

  • 80% reduction in incoming questions
  • 5 agent-equivalents saved over Christmas period (based on # of tickets handled and Zendesk Benchmark Report data on average conversation duration)


At, we give customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses.

Our Suggestion Engine, trained on historical chat data, works in partnership with agents, providing real-time reply suggestions. Our AI learns from agent behaviours, increasing its accuracy through use. Ultimately, the most common questions will be fully automated, freeing agents to focus on the more complex cases.

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