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The AI Customer Experience Era in Telecommunications

As Telecommunication business models continue to shift from phone to data-consumption, Customer Experience is becoming King. Explore how AI customer service is powering some of Europe's leading Telcos.

Part 1: Connecting the world

The telecommunications industry touches all of us. It ties together a complex system of networks, computers, telephones and people. When we browse the internet, buy a new phone or call our loved ones, Telcos are someway or another in the loop. The average Telco serves tens of millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of businesses across a multitude of countries. It’s a big job. And a very important one.‍

Part 2: The 99 problems of Telcos

Despite our utter dependence on them (or perhaps because of it) Telcos are consistently rated one of the most disliked industries.

There are two main reasons for this.

1) Issues are painful: When your network is down, it hurts. Your House of Cards episode stops streaming, your GoogleMaps stops routing, your securities stop trading. Telcos are responsible for operating the world’s largest network. Faults are unavoidable. Unfortunately, they are also unforgivable.

2) Issues are frequent: Telcos are technology companies. To remain competitive, they innovate at the speed of technological progress. Telcos are constantly introducing new products and services across their thousands of offerings (phone, data, voice, TV, network, tablets, video, subscriptions), tens of regions and millions of customers. As with all companies, introducing new products is likely to result in some early hiccups. For an always-innovating Telco, hiccups become their status-quo.

Part 3: Our customer experience era

The above problems have always existed in the Telco industry. So has rock-bottom customer satisfaction.

However, times have changed. As demand and revenues shift from voice traffic to data, customer experience becomes key. On a voice-based system, calls were made out of necessity — quality wouldn’t impact your desire to make a call, and making one call would not likely encourage you to make another. Data is different. When data delivery is poor quality, people will reduce their consumption. When data quality is high, people stream higher-quality content and more frequently too.

Telcos today recognize the urgency of improving their customer experience. When revenue becomes directly tied to customer experience in a way it has never been before, rapid changes must be made.

Part 4: Helping Telcos help themselves

We work with a lot of Telcos, some of the largest in Europe.

We’ve seen firsthand how great an impact AI powering their customer service has had.

Customer service is the cornerstone of positive customer experience. When a customer contacts her operator with a problem and gets immediate service that resolves her case, she will be happier. She will become a stickier customer. On the two main issues for Telcos discussed above — 1) issues are painful and 2) issues are frequent — fast, efficient, high-quality customer service enables Telcos to identify issues sooner, solve them quickly and prevent cases from spreading.

At, we give the customer service agents of our Telco clients the AI-tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses. Our Suggestion Engine, trained on historical chat data, works in partnership with agents, providing them real-time reply suggestions. ultimately, as our AI learns from agent behaviours, it moves towards Full Automation (the Automation Engine). Moreover, by being language-agnostic, we can power our clients in all their markets.

Our results with Telcos are proven (below). Our Suggestion Engine has reduced response times by 25%, while our Automation Engine reduces the number of incoming queries by >30%. With thousands of conversations daily, we provide an ROI that is hard to match by any other solution.

Our SuperAgent and Botman personifying our two products. With 250 agents and 100k conversations per month, our proven Telco results can return €450k in monthly ROI.

Over the next 5 years, the global Telco industry will continue to make huge leaps forward in improving their customer experience. AI will play a major role. At, we’ve learnt so much already and know how much more room there is to innovate. We look forward to continuing to power AI, the Future of Work and the future of customer relationships in this space.

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