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Shep Hyken On: How Video Content Can Improve CS (in 2021)

In our chat with Shep Hyken, we discuss how video can transform the customer service world.

In this interview, we chatted with customer service experience guru Shep Hyken about video's evolving role in customer service. This interview is a snippet from our full interview with Shep for our Navigating Customer Service 2021 Guide.

How do you see video playing into customer service?

Such a great opportunity. Well let's go back to, even I'm going to say longer than five years ago - when I was dealing with a major software company and getting ready to make a major switch to using this major brand. One of the concerns I had with my old company was the lack of support that I got.

And this company said I believe we have great support. We're open 24/7 as far as support goes.

But why would you call support, when you can get a step-by-step video tutorial that will lead you to step by step as slow or as fast as you want to go?

To get your problem resolved.

So I go, "well, give me an example." And the salesperson said, "open up your browser, go to Google and type in any question that you'd like." And so how do I fill in the blank on the software program. And instantly, these YouTube videos came up—a couple of them by the company that I was talking to—as well as customers chiming in and showing their step by step plays on how they resolve issues. And [I say], "Wow, that's pretty cool." And you know, I hardly ever called the company after; I've just gone on Google.

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Creating convenience through video

Now, what they did is they created an extremely convenient experience for me. They also did something really important, which is they trained me to use that experience. Had that salesperson not told me to do that, I would probably be calling customer support. And customer support would be as nice as possible. And they may or may not refer me back to video.

But what the salesperson did is he taught me to go video first, support second.

Guess what this does? It frees up the customer support people to take care of the bigger issues so that the smaller easier resolved issues that I can get through a video tutorial.

Creating connection through video interaction

The second area I've already mentioned, you'll be able to communicate face to face with the person that's taking care of you. When a company does that, they create a connection that's different than if I were just chatting. If I'm on a video call, I can see your eyes. And I can see your facial expression, I could see the empathetic expression that you're going to give me.

And what happens is we move somebody from just doing business with me as a repeat customer to potentially doing business with me as a loyal customer, because I feel more of a connection.

And so that's one of the ways we're going to bring a human to human connection into our future.

And I always use the line: you can't automate the relationship. Unless you're Amazon. They've done a pretty good job of that. [And there are] very, very few exceptions to that statement, that you can't automate a relationship.

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