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Transparency Trends in 2021 I Flavio Martins

From changing customer needs to advancing transparency technology, Flavio Martins gives us the inside scoop on the upcoming trends in transparency for 2021.

In this interview, we chatted with cybersecurity specialist Flavio Martins about evolving transparency trends and tech for 2021. This interview is a snippet from our full interview with Flavio for our Navigating Customer Service 2021 Guide.

It's been shown that customers are willing to pay more for transparency in the products and services that they purchase. So how will the Increased desire for transparency affect customer service teams in the new year?

Flavio: Customer service teams need to understand that their role isn't a traditional call center job. It's not just a role where you answer a call, you know, ask a few questions, type in some keywords, and then you read from the script. And then that's it--the interaction is done. The most effective customer experiences today are really about helping call center agents see themselves more as brand ambassadors, or relationship managers, so that we can be more transparent, more personable, and then make those better connections with our customers.

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What are some tech tools--automation tools--ideally, that customer service teams use to increase their levels of transparency to their customers these days?

Flavio: Whatever type of service or goods you're trying to provide, there's a lot of automation that you can introduce. A few examples come to mind that I think organizations are doing a great job at having technology be able to solve, you know, some of that problem.

I think, for example, Dominos who introduced the pizza tracker. When you talk about transparency, I think that's you know, a great standard in terms of transparency in a process. You order a pizza, and as soon as you hit ‘purchase’, you're taken to a page where you can see a tracker that shows you exactly the stage of the [pizza-]making process. You'll be able to track your pizza from when someone received your order to making it, checking it for quality--you know, they're actually in the actual cooking process. And then the delivery process as well.

It has been shown that millennials have an increased commitment to transparency. Why do you think that is?

You see, millennials really are a generation that is really passionate. I see them as passionate activists. This millennial generation is one of the first generations to grow up in a fully digital connected world. So from an early age, we have many individuals who have been interacting with people across the world. They know about these places across the world, they understand the people, they’ve connected with people. So, it’s natural for millennials to really be concerned, and have this sense of really wanting to see that the decisions that they make, really provide a positive effect in society as all.

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And it's been said that trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy. How is this truer than ever as we enter 2021?

Almost anything is available today on demand. But this is really only sustainable if there's confidence in that relationship. We need to be able to ensure that, you know...that we retain control over our personal information; we want to be able to enter into these collaborations with these service providers. They obviously benefit from the business they generate, but consumers also want to be able to have control over what happens with their personal information.

You know, if Apple, for example, they have, you know, fought for their ability to guarantee privacy for all communications for their smartphone users. And they've been very adamant that privacy is key, and they want to be the company of privacy. In a recent court case, Apple even made, you know, privacy a key selling point for their mobile customers. They even told the federal court in the United States that forcing Apple to extract data from these mobile devices could threaten the trust between Apple and its customers, and it would tarnish the brand. So privacy of communication is essential between Apple and its users.

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Is there anything else that customer service teams need to know about transparency trends for 2021?

Flavio: Ultimately, what they need to understand is you need to understand that their customers want to have a more open, more honest and more engaging relationship. And then these agents need to be able to customize their service experience in order to be able to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.


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