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Customer Data Security Trends in 2021 I Flavio Martins

We sat down with cybersecurity specialist, Flavio Martins, who explained to us why data security is a crucial--but often forgotten--aspect of the CX journey.

In this interview extract, we talk to cybersecurity expert Flavio Martins, who explains how organizations can effectively manage data security as cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated. This interview is a snippet from our full interview with Flavio for our Navigating Customer Service 2021 Guide.

First of all, the cybersecurity market is seeing much bigger growth than had been predicted. What factors do you think have led to this market growing so much more quickly beyond expectations?

Flavio: We've been seeing bad actors move away from targeting just individuals, and instead, they're focusing on targeting organizations that own individuals’ data. And this has led, you know, to this increase in the complexity and sophistication of these cybercrime attacks. And, and so, because of that, you really see organizations really have to step up their game, in terms of the solutions that they have in place to safeguard their customers, as well as our customer data.

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So how do you recommend that companies work out what they need without becoming overwhelmed?

Flavio: Not everybody has a wealth of internal resources, or individuals who are really, you know, experts in this area. And so you have these organizations--these call center technology solution providers that really focus on delivering very secure, scalable, flexible systems. And then you're essentially partnering with some of these solution providers to be able to address the systems and the security and provide the technology you need so that you can really just focus on your customers.

The cost framework for these tools and systems that we have today, they've also been greatly adapted from what they used to be in the past. And within a matter of days or weeks, you can easily start implementing some of these solutions to be able to start to not only offload the burden you have internally, but also take advantage of these secure systems as well.

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What's trending right now and what's soon to be released that you're excited about?

Flavio: If we’re talking about trendy, exciting technologies, one of the things that I think shows a lot of promise, is the idea of--is a concept of, pre-answer authentication. What this does, what this does, is it leverages the knowledge we have of our customers, as well as our customers’ devices or their behaviors. You're doing a pre-screening based on things like the type of device the customer is using, the location of the customer...but if we notice something, you know, out of the ordinary, something that kind of breaks the behavior pattern for the customer, then we essentially just introduce just small challenge responses to make sure that we're really dealing with the customer, and not someone else trying to perpetuate some type of fraud.

What else do customer service teams need to know about cybersecurity tools as we enter 2021?

Deloitte actually, in a recent report, surveyed a number of consumers. And it turns out to about 73% of consumers would actually consider switching brands if a data leak occurred. So, in addition to exceptional experiences, being able to ensure a safeguard customer information, our customers personal identities--this is also just as critical as being able to provide ineffective, ineffective service. It's just as critical, then we need to go provide great customer service experiences. And unfortunately, cybersecurity ends up being this forgotten component in the customer experience journey.


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