Our New Partnership with Envoy, for the Ultimate Customer Experience

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Our shared passion for creating the best CRM and automated customer service spans two continents and comes at the heels of Ultimate’s increased market presence in North America.

Collaborating for our customers

We are thrilled to announce that Ultimate is partnering with Envoy, a CX consultancy and premier Zendesk consulting and implementation partner with a focus on the retail, Fintech, and gaming industries. Both companies share a deep commitment to the customer-first approach, uniting state-of-the-art CRM expertise with best-of-breed, NLU-powered, multilingual AI.

“What we love about Ultimate is the ease of use and the level of customization — we have so much freedom to design exactly what our customers want.”

- Laura Ragsdale, CEO, Envoy

Supporting your support, together

As we advance further into the age of customer-centricity, users expect both hyper-personalization and efficiency whenever they interact with a brand. By building and implementing solutions at the forefront of CRM and no-code CS automation, Ultimate and Envoy will work hand in hand to:

  • develop and deliver the newest best practices from within the Zendesk ecosystem, in order to
  • maximize ease of use for support and automation staff with the newest AI training and analytics tools,
  • drive exceptional experiences for our customers’ customers through personalization, on-brand conversations, and rich media — we’re here to support your support!

Envoy is at the forefront of innovation within the Zendesk Ecosystem. As a product- and customer-centric company, we want to collaborate with forward-thinkers who are as obsessed with delivering flawless customer service as we are. This way, we can help our customers realize their absolute best CX visions.

- Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Ultimate’s Partnerships Development Manager

Building on our momentum

Today’s announcement is the newest in a number of milestones reached by Ultimate in recent months. This includes a 120% growth rate, a new executive team including Chief Marketing Officer Will McInnes and EVP of Sales Henrique Moniz de Aragao, and leading G2’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants category for the fourth quarter in a row.

Not bad for a company that’s just turned 5 years old.

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