Ultimate and Vonage: Cloud-Based, AI-Accelerated Power Couple for Ecommerce


What happens when the world’s most powerful virtual agent meets the world’s most flexible communications platform? A partnership between Ultimate and Vonage. And we’re so honored to equip Vonage’s cloud-based contact center software with the most accurate AI in the support space.

Embarking on a common path together is easy when you're striving for the same goal: For Vonage and Ultimate, that means empowering customers to deliver joyful customer experiences in the ecommerce space across Europe. 


  • By meeting customers where they are: Vonage’s APIs help customers integrate with Ultimate’s AI-powered automation platform using chat, email, and asynchronous messaging channels 
  • By helping customers across Europe scale with Ultimate’s NLU-powered conversational AI in 109 languages
  • By helping Vonage’s European network of loyal customers elevate customer experiences using cutting-edge AI and best-in-class communications technology.

“This partnership with Vonage is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us. Our combined expertise in customer experience will elevate the way we offer seamless and personalized communication with our customers.”

- Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Partnerships Development Manager, Ultimate

Vonage couldn’t have picked a better partner to accelerate its mission of helping enterprises the world over stay ahead: We’ve recently begun expanding our strong European presence to the US, and launched a new, AI-powered multilingual virtual agent in January that understands 109 languages.

“We are excited to be working with Ultimate and enabling its customers across Europe to enhance their customer engagement with intelligent, personal conversations. We are seeing customers across all industries increasingly choose Vonage to help them digitally transform their customer communications and engagement solutions as companies continue to embrace hybrid work, develop disruptive solutions and expand communication channels.”

- Guillaume Calot, Global Vice President, API Partners at Vonage

See our NLU-powered virtual agent platform in action