Announcing Our Partnership with Omni Factors

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Omni Factors and Ultimate are joining forces to deliver customer service excellence across southeast Europe.

Driving excellence in customer service together

We’re excited to announce that Ultimate is partnering with Omni Factors, a consulting firm and a Premier Zendesk Service Partner in Turkey dedicated to helping businesses grow. 

Omni Factors is committed to providing the best customer service, improving efficiency with cloud technology and driving profitable growth. Their solutions enable organizations to acquire new customers, engage more deeply with existing customers, get a full understanding of their data, increase productivity and generate more revenue with existing resources. This syncs perfectly with Ultimate’s mission to bring joy to customer service, and deliver faster resolutions, better workflows and happier customers. 

Both companies share a vision to revolutionize how customer service — and therefore how business — is run. We look forward to working together to improve efficiency with cloud technology and streamline workflows with AI and automation. By implementing conversational AI-powered virtual agents for Zendesk, we’ll empower our customers to scale their business and deliver amazing customer experiences.

“We believe that our partnership will have a tremendous impact on both our and Ultimate's overall growth. From creating new automations for different and unique needs to adding new languages to AI-powered automations and virtual assistants, we can help each other branch out and obtain new opportunities.”

- Ali Demir, Head of Solutions, Omni Factors

European market expansion

Ultimate has recently branched out the US, but our roots stem from Finland and our headquarters are in Berlin, so it’s exciting to expand our European presence by partnering with Turkey-based Omni Factors, the best performing Zendesk partner in the EMEA region in 2021. Ultimate’s new multilingual virtual agent is also a perfect fit for this multicultural and multilingual market. 

“With a strategic focus on Zendesk & improving efficiencies through automation, Omni Factors is a great addition to Ultimate’s ecosystem to drive growth in southeast Europe. We’re looking forward to helping more customers deliver better customer service.” - Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Partnerships Development Manager, Ultimate

The Ultimate solution

“The future is all about AI and virtual assistants. We believe that together with Ultimate, we can exceed customer expectations and offer the ultimate solutions.”

- Ali Demir, Head of Solutions, Omni Factors

Speaking of AI and virtual assistants, this announcement comes off the back of Ultimate leading G2’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants category for the 5th quarter in a row, as well as unveiling a newly launched rebrand to lead us into the future. And the future is looking bright.

Deliver customer service excellence