“We Have Built Over 100 Conversational AI Solutions”

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Ultimate’s VP of Customer Success, Joonas Suoranta, answers three questions about our digital event on conversational AI.

Joonas, you’re VP Customer Success at Ultimate. What does true customer success mean to you?

Customer success is reached by creating true value both to our customers and also the end-users of our product. Our mission is to relieve the stress on customer support teams and let agents focus on the interactions that matter. At the same time, we want to improve customer service accessibility and provide excellent user experience to the end-users.

What is your experience with conversational AI?

So far my team has built over 100 different conversational AI solutions for 11 languages — this has given us a lot of perspective on where to focus on and what the biggest challenges are. Interestingly, even though customer services are all very different they share the same foundation and basic principles when building these solutions.

What is your topic “Automating Customer Service with Conversational AI” all about?

I want to give an introduction to the key steps and remarks of deploying a conversational AI solution. Less hype and more concrete experiences on how to actually deploy the solution and what the optimal mindset is when entering these types of projects.


Watch Joonas’ full presentation from the digital event.

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