Life After Launch: How to Level Up Your Bot Training Game

An open laptop on a purple background, showing Ultimate Co-Founders Reetu Kainulainen and Sarah Al-Hussaini.

In our recent digital event, our Ultimate experts bonded over the complexities of Finnish and Romanian, showed how our new Training Center improves ROI, and revealed what most people get wrong about training a virtual agent.

Ultimate hosted a digital event on how to stop putting out fires and proactively train your conversational AI. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording or read on for a few key insights.

Going all in

“To be honest, when I heard I needed to maintain a bot, I was scared,” recounted Lavinia Pricopie, Call Center Manager at Superbet and a guest speaker at our launch event.

“But I was lucky enough to discover Ultimate last year at a point where we decided to reinvent ourselves. We wanted to try something new, for our team and our customers.”

- Lavinia Pricopie

Lavinia’s hesitancy isn’t uncommon. As the pressure to automate (and proof of concept!) continues to grow, customer support teams want to make sure they’re getting everything right.

Buoyed by her team’s initial decision to take the leap with automation, Lavinia soon realized that Superbet had landed a veritable jackpot with Ultimate: Within 6 weeks, they had gone live with a virtual agent that was able to serve customers in flawless Romanian and improve response times by 74 percent through automated chat.

But while getting started with automation is easy, training is the way to truly maximize your AI’s potential. The smartest virtual agents learn from real customer interactions, improving AI accuracy over time.

If data is left untrained, on the other hand, a bot may reply incorrectly or not understand what the customer is asking, and it can be difficult to find the source of the problem.

One of the best places to level up your bot training game? Ultimate’s new Training Center.

For Superbet, life after launch with Ultimate continued to pay dividends. When Lavinia began running the AI through our Training Center, her team's ROI skyrocketed: Deflection rates were looking good and accuracy was continuously improving.

Quality or quantity?

High automation rates are important, but smart automation is about more than just deflection at any cost.

It’s customer-focused.

And customers will have more rewarding experiences if they feel truly understood. That’s why making sure your AI model is as accurate as possible is the key to a successful customer experience.

“Some customers only look at automation rates. But do you actually know how healthy your system is? Or if your bot is giving the right answers to the many, many questions it is answering every day?”

- Reetu Kainulainen, CEO, Ultimate

A little bit of work, a lot of ROI

You don’t have to spend hours manually maintaining your AI.

With our no-code Training Center, you could be leveling up your bot training game in no time.

All you need is a couple of hours a week to check in, see how your AI is performing, solve confusions using the AI's suggested solutions, and you’ll be able to:

  • spend more resources on connecting with customers through personalized conversation design;
  • create more accurate conversations with customers, which builds trust and upgrades the customer experience;
  • keep your human agents calm, sane, and productive, even in peak season.

“Less stress, easy bot training, happy customers, happy me!”

- Lavinia Pricopie

Superbet chose to go for what felt like the next big thing — and they ended up reaping the rewards.

Likewise, our customer Tomorrow was able to harness AI accuracy and halve their customer handling times thanks to Ultimate's no-code conversational AI.

Take the leap and join us at the forefront of AI for CS. Get started with automation today.

Stop putting out support fires reactively and start solving problems proactively.